Why do we work so hard to perfect our Craft?

On a random Wednesday, a group of friends and I went to the gym, and did our own thing for about a hour and then met up in the pool area. We went swimming in the big pool for awhile, but shortly after we went to the hot tub to relax. As Music majors; especially vocal majors, we tend to sing everywhere we go, so we did! There were 4 boys and 1 girl and I, and the boys started singing their choral music in the hot tub, where this lady happened to be meditating and praying to God. She said during her deep focus meditating and praying, she was in a really dark place trying to figure out why her life has been so tough at the moment, but when we started singing it was like God answering her prayers. She looked at us and told us that music was beautiful and had asked us to sing another song, but with all of us. So we sang the first verse of silent night, in various harmonies, and then looked at her when we were done. She was literally brought to tears because of how beautiful she thought we had sounded. For her we were like Angels from God, and whether you’re spiritual or not, music therapy is such a real thing.

So why am I telling this story? Me as a musician or really anyone who is perfecting their craft tend to forget the why? For any Music Majors who read this, this is why we do it, this is why we learn to play our instruments. This is why we spend so many hours investing in our craft, not for us, but the people. Whether it’s to inspire a child your same love, or to temporarily free someones mind of the struggles at home, we do it for them. This woman made my heart shakey and almost brought me to tears knowing that just singing in a hot tub, being silly, seriously moved her. For me personally this is a reminder of why I’ve been studying Music for almost 5 years. I hope anyone else who read this can also be reminded of their reason for why they work so hard to perfect their craft.


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