A+ Gods hear my prayer.

As I get my brand new assignment which was supposed to be given to me on Monday night, but wasn’t given to me until Wednesday night, I was quickly reminded on Thursday night that sleep simply does not exist. So I start analyzing that random Haydn piece from that one class that makes me do these kinds of things, and complain to myself how I have no idea what I’m doing and I honestly feel like falling down some stairs would give me less stress then this. On to the next day when this assignment is due, I start to realize that, that one question that asks me “Identify what parts you had trouble with or found problematic” I wrote a longer paragraph then the other questions, because honestly my notes were of no help and well emailing the teacher was just out of the question. I would love to blame procrastination, but well… It really had nothing to do with him. So for now I will pray to the A+ Gods and hope that they will bless me, so good night… or morning..


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