The boy by the lake.

I write lots of stories, here’s a short passage from one of them. The main Character Elizabeth is suicidal and has been for most of her teenage life. Now 27 years old she’s reliving her dark past and is hit with depression once more, making her suicidal again. She’s talking to a man named Patrick who is silently in love with her, she talks about what stopped her from jumping off the brooklyn bridge when she was a teen, and why she was scared to take her life back then. Now that she’s an adult and has been faced with a lot of life threatening situations, she’s definitely not so scared anymore, and after a bad break up happened with the love of her life, David, she’s reminding herself of a dream.

The Boy from the Lake

She would look at the sky, her hazel green eyes fixated on the stars, almost in a trance, like she wasn’t really looking at them. “I, I want to die” she says motionless, laying herself on her back, placing her hands in a x shape on her chest, like she was in a casket, closing her eyes, still motionless, lost. She was still dripping wet, as the water fell from her soaked clothing and body, it made a stain on the wooden pier, that was closely around where she laid. She would mumble in a daze ” I…”, she would hesitate, as she is reminded of visions that came to her in her sleep “I had this dream once, I was a doctor, and my job had put me in a situation that required me to go to a car accident, that was the cause of many deaths and injuries” she paused for a second, her eyes still closed.  “The car had slid off of a bridge and fell off into a cold frozen lake, filled with small ice chunks drifting on the surface, the screaming scared passengers breaking the cold thick air. Other cars were involved as well, flipped over and slammed against each other. I guess I was to save them” she said emotionless.  “But this kid, he stood there for a second looking at me strangely, like I was to go to him, and then suddenly he jumped into the water, falling into the cold, frozen hell it was. I ran after him”. She would open her eyes still lost in a dream, “but he disappeared from the water!” she would say feeling tricked by the boy. “Like my mind created him so that I would fall in murky dark bitter cold water, and I did, the cold water shocking my every inch, freezing me whole, it felt like needles of ice stabbing my body, inch by inch, and yet, I had to kick, and I did, or at least I tried. I was almost to the top, but I stop. I stopped kicking. I stop fighting. I wanted to swim, but I couldn’t. I was frozen not only physically but emotionally. I saw myself in the deep ocean, covered in blue, surrounded by chaos. I would let myself drift away in the frozen hell, the light from the hidden sun trying to find its way to me, but I was to far deep in the abyss of the lake. I sank until the cold water washed me away. I died. I saw myself dead. I was dead. I wanted to die and I did, but when I died, I didn’t want to be dead anymore. I wanted to live. I wished I would’ve kicked. I wish I would’ve fought”. She throws her arms in the air above her, as if she was reaching for a hug from the sky she faced, “a Man jumped into the water, brought my lifeless body to the surface, he was a doctor to, he shocked me, the electricity flowing through my veins. He tried to save me, but at this point It was my turn. No medical miracle could save me now, I had to save myself now. So I cried. I begged for for a second chance. I fought. I kicked.” a tear rolls down her face “I lived, I searched for a miracle. I searched for some ray of hope that my life would be better. That I could move past this. So I Lived. I lived. I was Loved. I was cared for, someone cared. Some. one. cared. But now, I want to die again. This dream, was it for me, it saved me, but I was afraid of death back then. Now It’s a fear that I have faced over and over again. David was that doctor who saved me, and now he’s the boy who tricked me in the water in the first place.


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