You and Me

Once I had a thought, it was a sad thought, the ones you wish would go away but they keep growing, and growing deep inside your mind, a large tree like thought. I was feeling sad cause this thought took over my emotions, took over my being and even though I was surrounded by a joyous crowd, I felt lonely, alone and so bitter. In this thought you flew away, far far away. In some distant state or city that didn’t make since to drive to. I shouldn’t feel like this, I shouldn’t feel like you abandon me, I shouldn’t feel like it was the end of you and I. There wasn’t ever you and I. There was just you and me, not you and I. You and I are what couples, married duets or engaged folks call themselves. You and me are two friends, two convertibles driving along the road and occasionally, while passing each other, we smile and give a wave, and sometimes have a race who can get farther along the road. While you pass me up, I slow down and eventually stop, cause I want to call us “you and I”. I want to tell people “you and I” are happy and “You and me” is just a distant thought. So You, perfect You, Please don’t go to a far away place, because Me will be so sad, and Me doesn’t want to be sad. Cause all Me wants is the chance to be You and I, but You need to let me be I. So Let me be I, You.


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